dimanche 30 mars 2014

Wax Poetics Presents Dope Folks Records Sampler #3

Dope Folks Records is a record label that specializes in the best rare and unreleased (underground/golden era/indie) hip-hop vinyl from the late ’80s to the early 2000s. All vinyl is limited to 300 copies with the exception of their upcoming 50th release from hip-hop veterans Black Sheep, which is limited to 500 vinyl copies. This mix is from their last 20 releases, put together exclusively for Wax Poetics. You can purchase limited-edition vinyl here.
Tracklist :

1. Young Zee “Nerve Plucker”
(New Jersey, 1996 from his shelved LP “Musical Meltdown Part. 1″ (DF0043) Zee made waves guesting on the FUGEES “THE SCORE” and his debut LP (originally promo cassette only) was shelved due to label troubles. This is the first time his talked about LP has been released to the public!)

2. Divine Beings “Raisin’ Eyebrows”
(Philly 1993 from “Whatever Tracks” (DF0048) featuring guest appearances from the Legendary ROOTS CREW!!!)

3. M.A.C.-10 “Mac Thang”
(Detroit, 1992 from “Soul On A Roll” (DF0047) Reissue of the impossible to find original 12″ from tha D.)

4. Poetic Menace “Takin’ No Shorts”
(Detroit 1992, from “RYMEZOF (DASSASSIN)” (DF0041) Another reissue of a Holy Grail 12″ from the fire-spitting POETIC MENACE)

5. Black A.G. “There It Is”
(Chicago 1991-1994 from “Fame Goes To Your Head” (DF0035) Previously unreleased on wax!)

6. MC E-Rock “One The Hard Way”
(Fort Worth, TX 1991 from “One The Hard Way” (DF0033) an EP combining E- ROCK’S first 2 12″ singles.)

7. Disco Beave featuring B Get Busy “Hall Of Fame”
(Wilmington, DE 1987 from “From The Projects” (DF0045) Hard hitting late 80′s fire from the original sought after 12″ single.)

8. Parts Unknown “911 Funk”
(East Palo Alto, Ca 1990 from “Time For Turmoil” (DF0028) Cali posse forming the compilation EP under the moniker PARTS UNKNOWN. Gritty, Raw Gangster Funk!)

9. Rampage ” Living Foul”
(NY 1994 from “Killed By Def Vol.2: Da Vibe Chemist” (DF0049) unreleased material from FLIPMODE ALUMNI RAMPAGE DA LAST BOY SCOUT)

10. Trauma Center “Rhymes Overflowin’”
(Philly 1994 from “Rhymes Overflowin’ PT.2″ (DF0037) From their original demo recordings previously unreleased on wax!)

11. Cage 1 “Nightstalker”
(Wilmington, DE 1992-94 from “Straight From Cage” (DF0038) Originally from a cassette only release, it is the first time this song has been on vinyl. One of the hardest hitting songs in our catalog)

12. Ebony Broadcast System “Broadcastin’”
(Philly 1992, from “Broadcastin’ Pt. 1″ DF0044) Previously released on cassette only, it finally gets the vinyl treatment!)

13. Darc Mind “This Is Kev Roc”
(NY 1990-1992 from “Antediluvian Vol.1″ (DF0031) Unreleased gold from the prolific Kevroc of DARC MIND)

14. MF Doom “Doomsday Remix”
(From “X-Ray Presents: Monster Mixes” (DF0042) Originally released on a CD- R, X-RAY’s remixes are released for the first time on wax!)

15. Bolaji “Homage”
(Strong Island, 1997 from “Outer Limits” (DF0039) Previously unreleased EP from the legendary underground producer/MC.)

16. Reggie Capers “Suspect”
(NY 1997 from “Suspect EP” (DF0040) One of the most sought after artists from the INDIE era of the late 90′s.)

17. Omniscence “When I Make Parole”
(North Carolina, 1996 from “Raw Factors Pt. 2″ (DF0036) For the first time on vinyl from OMNISCENCE’S shelved LP RAW FACTORS!)

18. Big Squig “Keep It Going”
(NY 1995 from “Killed By Def Vol. 2: Da Vibe Chemist” (DF0049) A reissue of the impossible to find original 12″ from New York’s BIG SQUIG!)

19. Lord VI “Not Tonight”
(Greensboro, NC 1996 from “Free Cheeze EP” (DF0046) Omniscence’s label mate, produced by Fanatic. The EP has 3 previously unreleased tracks!)

20. Black Sheep “Sleep (Intro)”
50TH RELEASE!!! FROM THE EP “90′S RARITIES” Limited Edition of 500 copies

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