mardi 27 janvier 2015

mercredi 21 janvier 2015

John Robinson & Kyo Itachi - The Path Of Mastery (Limited Vinyl)

John Robinson & Kyo Itachi - The Path Of Mastery
Dusty Platter / Shinigamie Records
Originally released in 2013 via Digital Download & CD format
Now available on vinyl (Limited Edition 500)
Pre-order your copy here


Side A:
1. All Hail the Honorable
2. Gritty Trenches
3. Who Goes There (feat. Hus & Skanks of Bankai Fam)
4. The Rap Shotgun
5. Life Itself
6. Love You (feat. Contro Versy & Maty Soul)

Side B:
1. Masterful (cuts by Dj Diaz)
2. Manga
3. Indigo Child (cuts by Dj Diaz)
4. War Spelled Backwards (feat. Eloh Kush of Angelz INC)
5. Mystical Strings
6. They Just Don't Care (feat. Memme Nelzy & Maqflah)

Le Gouffre Présente : Nakk - Marche Arrière (Video)

Le Gouffre Présente : Nakk - Marche Arrière
Produced by Char

Extract from the mixtape "Marche Arrière"
More info here

K-Hill & Debonair P - Whenever I Write (Video)

K-Hill & Debonair P - Whenever I Write
Extract from the album "Truck Jewels & Filters"
More info here

SmooVth - Last Breath (Video)

SmooVth - Last Breath
Produced by Giallo Point
Extract from the album "Portrait Of A Pimp"
More info here

JP Manova - Is Everything Right (Video)

dimanche 18 janvier 2015

Les 10' feat. Lino - Tu crois qu'on sait rien foutre (Mani Deïz Remix)

Mani Deïz Remix

Original version

Sean Born & Dunc - Organic 12" + Tree Shaped 7" (Limited Vinyl)

Sean Born & Dunc (of DTMD) - Organic 12" + Tree Shaped 7"
Cricket Cemetery ‎/ Indie Love Enterprises
Limited Edition (100 copies)
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vendredi 9 janvier 2015

16F Music Presents "Rhythm Shack All-Stars" (Limited Vinyl)

16F Music Presents "Rhythm Shack All-Stars"
16F Music
Only 300 copies (100 Color, 200 Black Vinyl)
Pre-order it here

Tracks :

A1: It's Like That ft. Da Chozen
A2: Style Prostitution ft. Clearly Allah Creme, Da Chozen, Pathmaster HOS
A3: Can I Get A Shout ft. T.I.F.
A4: C12 Drum Break 1 ft. Carlos Bess
A5: Y'all Ready For It ft. Big Chase

B1: Head Bopper ft. Mental Castawayz
B2: Which Way Is Up ft. Da Chozen, Urban Dwellers
B3: C12 Drum Break 2 ft. Carlos Bess
B4: Swing It To The Jaz ft. Mental Castawayz
B5: St. Ides Promo ft. DJ Trouble Lee, MC Lounge

jeudi 8 janvier 2015

Memory Man - Broadcast One (Limited Vinyl)

Memory Man - Broadcast One
Chopped Herring Records
300 copies only !
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A1 We Now Begin Our Broadcasting Day
A2 PSA (What Does It All Mean?) featuring Edan
A3 Point/Counterpoint
A4 The Kool Keith Show featuring Kool Keith
A5 The God Hour
A6 Funtastic featuring Open Mike Eagle
A7 Story Time

B1 Creature Double Feature featuring Blaise B.
B2 Non-Stop Action
B3 Live From Death Row featuring Busdriver & MC Paul Barman
B4 Live From Death Row Part 2
B5 The War Room featuring Prince Po, Mr. Lif & Blaise B.
B6 Zoom Back, Camera

samedi 3 janvier 2015

Brainsick Mob - Brainsick Enterprize 2LP (Limited Vinyl)

Brainsick Mob - Brainsick Enterprize 2LP
Ryks Muzik
2LP Limited Vinyl
Pre-order here

Tracklist :

A1. Intro
A2. On A Vibe
A3. Time To Shine
A4. Check It Out
B1. Constantly At It
B2. Rock A Show
B3. I Thank God
B4. Chill Out Zone

C1. Playin' For Keeps
C2. Mixmaster USA
C3. Stick To The Plan
C4. Stargazing
D1. Swirving To The Music
D2. No Limit To Life
D3. It's My Thang
D4. East New York Theory

All tracks recorded between 1996-1998 and mastered from the original recordings.

Azaia - Re-Animations (Limited Vinyl)

Azaia - Re-Animations
Marvel Records
Limited 2LP Vinyl
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