jeudi 31 mars 2016

Elucid - Save Yourself

Elucid - Save Yourself
Backwoodz Studioz
Vinyl, CD & Digital
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   1.  A 1000 Faces feat. Psychic Twin
   2. Obama Incense (prod. by Messiah Musik & Elucid)
   3. Burnt Sugar feat. Psychic Twin
   4. Cold Again
   5. Blame The Devil (prod. by Bkgd Audio)
   6. Bleachwater feat. Billy Woods
   7. If You Say So
   8. Can’t Keep It To Myself
   9. NY Blanks feat. Psychic Twin (prod. by Willie Green)
   10. Jealous God
   11. No Such Thing
   12. MBTTS (prod. by A.M. Breakups)
   13. No Grand Agenda (prod. by Small Pro)
   14. Lest They Forget feat. Billy Woods
   15. Son Still Shine
   16. Wake Up Dead Man
   17. Skinny Luther (CD VERSION ONLY)

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